Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tick Tock

Tomorrow is the big day!!
This time has FLOWN right by!

These last couple weeks I have been able to spend with my friends and family could not have been more perfect. I am so grateful for everyone who has helped me get to where I am today. 
I will be arriving at the MTC tomorrow afternoon. 
Please stay in touch with me!!!
Write me letters! Send me boxes of stuff!
I will probably be SUPER fat within a couple months 
so please no candy!! hahaha

My address for the first two weeks is 

Sister yahaira sarahi garcia valle
Georgia Atlanta North Mission

Missionary Training Center

2005 North 900 East
Provo, Ut 84604-1793

my Georgia contact info after i arrive is

Sister Yahaira Sarahi Garcia Valle
georgia atlanta North mission

1150 Cole Dr. SW

Lilburn GA 30047

I love you all and hope to hear from you!!!
I am being set apart tonight and am already kind of freaking out!
I cannot wait for whats in store.
Stay updated on my blog, my lovely sister will most likely be keeping it up.
<3 See ya in 18!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Atlanta, Georgia North!

My anxiety levels have never been higher in my life
than the week I received my mission call!
 It was my last week of school, I had finals, work, cramming, the depression of leaving my beautiful Cache Valley and my mission call all to worry about!
No amount of chocolate or ice cream could fix this, not this time.
I'm blessed enough to have my best friend Brittany in my life, she would check my mail for my family right at 1:32.
Now that day at 1:35 I received the greatest SnapChat of all time.
It was a picture of her holding my call, in the caption "It's here!"
Did I have a final the next morning?
Did that stop me?
Of course not. :)

 The relief I felt when I finally had that envelope in my hand was unlike any other!
 And no I'm not being DRAMATIC, I speak the truth.

It was a wonderful experience to have my friends and family come together and I'm so grateful to everybody that came!!
I have been called to serve in the Atlanta, Georgia North mission English speaking! :) 
Wait a sec.. English Speaking?
Yes, my dear friends. I, Yahaira Sarahi Garcia Valle, your dear Mexican friend has been called to serve in the language of the gueros.
 English is my second language, but I'm still stoked to do work!! :D
I'm out of here August 21st 2013. 
I'll enjoy ya'll while I can. <3

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Waiting On The Call / Teach Me How to Blog

  So this is my attempt at blogging. Bear with me cool kids, I'm tryin'. It only took me 78 minutes to figure out how to make one but hey, babysteps my friends. Babysteps.

My papers were just submitted recently and I'm now A N X I O U S L Y waiting for a frantic call from my Mami letting me know that it's here!! I decided to serve a mission years ago along with my best friend at the time, Marlin Lopez. We were both around 17 years old and promised we'd do it together!
   Ever since then I have had the desire to serve a mission and knew I would. When conference rolled around years later and it was announced that 19 year old girls could serve missions, Marlin was engaged and I was diggin' the single life at Utah State! I knew that if I wanted to save myself from some hunk sweeping me off my feet into marriage I needed to go, and go FAST.
 I immediately started making my bishops and doctors appointments so I could leave after my first semester. But after much prayer, thought, 3 availability changes, and several pints ice cream, I have decided to finish my freshman year at USU, work hard all summer and set my availability for August. I am too excited to find out where I'll be serving!!
  I am also preparing to keep from drowning in a pool of my own sorrow as I rid myself of my short shorts and summer dresses. #ThingsICanNeverWearAgain. It will be a painful process but one that I am happy to go through. Kind of. Not really... But I know it'll be worth it. I'll be happy about it later. Hopefully.